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Hosting option

That's Rights! and EasyRoyalties are Microsoft Windows-based applications, and can be easily installed on nearly any PC or laptop, with multiple users sharing a single database within a local area network.

However we also offer a 'hosted' option, on a Remote Windows Desktop platform. The hosted option is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

With the hosted option, we provide you with a 'windows desktop in the cloud'. This remote desktop can be accessed from any device (PC, Mac, etc.) via Remote Desktop Access software and/or via a normal web browser.

The remote desktop consists of a complete Windows PC environment, including That's Rights! or EasyRoyalties, as well as Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook).

Advantages of the hosted option include:

  • Accessible from non-PC platforms (e.g. Macintoshes, etc.)
  • Allows for remote access for users that share a database but are not located in the same local area network (e.g. within an office).
  • In addition to our solutions, the hosted option provides a complete Windows environment that you can use for your computing requirements.
  • System administration, updates, backups and other tasks are managed by the hosting provider.

Hosting prices are available here. For more information, contact

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