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That's Rights! for rights sellers

  • Repository of title information and bibliographic data
  • Manages submissions to prospective rights buyers, keeps track of quotes and negotiations
  • Manages license agreements, advances & fees, royalty statements and income; works with multiple currencies and exchange rates
  • Manages co-editions; includes co-edition forecasting and pricing tools
  • Maintains author contracts and royalty calculation rules; calculates author royalties due on licensing activities and generates royalty statements
  • Comprehensive tracking and follow-up of submissions, licenses (signatures, advances paid, renewals, etc.), rights sold, rights available, royalty statements and payments, tax certificates, and much more.
  • Import/export from Microsoft Excel worksheets, Microsoft Access databases or other files
  • Generates tip sheets, quick catalogues of selected titles, and a wide range of reports
  • Generate invoices for license fees and advances, royalty payments due, co-edition purchase orders, etc.
  • Mutli-currency: invoice in any currency, record payments in any currency. Different exchange rates at time of invoice and on receipt of payment shows gains/losses from currency fluctuations.
  • Automatically generate commercial invoices for accompanying overseas shipments of samples


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Companies & contacts
Manage all your rights contacts - both clients & prospects.
Maintain your list of titles or properties.
Set up authors, contributors or proprietors, define agreements and calculate royalties due.
Submissions Manage and follow-up submissions to prospective rights buyers.
Negotiate licensing terms, royalty rates and co-edition quotes.
Record terms & conditions, follow-up with your licensees and track royalties.
Manage all your licensed rights and territories.
Set up and manage complex co-editions and print runs.
Calculate co-edition prices with the interactive forecaster. 
Invoicing & payment follow-up Create invoices & reminders, record payments.
Tied to licensing & co-edition activities
Administer your rights activities by language.
At-a-glance view of your titles' performance across the globe.
Mailing lists
Prepare targeted mailings to your customers and prospects. Announcements, fair appointments, holiday greetings... anything. Exportable for mail merge.
Tracking & follow-up Monitor the progress of your licenses, co-editions, submission negotiations and royalties.
View at a glance what's done, what's due and what overdue.
MS Word™ Interface Merge That's Rights! data with Microsoft™ Word™ using your own templates. Use for contracts, mailings, campaigns, and more.

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