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That's Rights! 3.0 upgrade prices

Upgrade fees for existing customers only. If you would like to purchase That's Rights! for the first time, please see our normal purchase prices.

Upgrade fees include email support and regular updates to version 3.x.

NEW That's Rights! 3.0 includes That's Rights! Document Generator for generating contracts, mailings and other documents using Microsoft™ Word™ templates.

  £ GBP € EUR  $ USD 

That's Rights! 3.0 for rights sellers

First user £ 240 € 280 $ 475
Each additional user £ 120 € 140 $ 240
Site license (unlimited users) £ 840 € 980 $ 1,665

That's Rights! 3.0 for rights buyers

First user £ 90 € 100 $ 180
Each additional user £ 40 € 50 $ 80
Site license (unlimited users) £ 300 € 340 $ 590

That's Rights! 3.0 Buy+Sell

First user £ 300 € 340 $ 590
Each additional user £ 125 € 145 $ 250
Site license (unlimited users) £ 920 € 1,050 $ 1,825

Invoicing & payment follow-up

First user: add £ 30 € 35 $ 60
Each additional user £ 15 € 20 $ 30
Site license (unlimited users) £ 100 € 120 $ 200

Retail sales & distribution

First user: add £ 30 € 35 $ 60
Each additional user £ 15 € 20 $ 30
Site license (unlimited users) £ 100 € 120 $ 200

Upgrades: frequently asked questions

How do I get the software?

Email us at  and we will give you the appropriate link to download the upgrade installation files. Download the file and run it on your PC to upgrade your copy of That's Rights! to version 3.0.

(NOTE: networked users must all upgrade together. If you have multiple That's Rights! users on your site sharing a common database, you can download the installation files once, but you will need to run them on each computer where That's Rights! is installed.)

When do I pay?

When you install the software, you can begin using That's Rights! 3.0 (with your existing database) immediately; however you will need to enter a new license key within 30 days.

Email us at  to confirm you have purchased the upgrade, along with your Product ID, and we will send you the license key.

How can I pay?

Please email us at  to request an invoice for payment by bank transfer. Or alternatively, you can purchase on-line through Kagi.

Can I upgrade just one module, but leave the other one as version 2?

No - the modules all interact, so you will need to upgrade your entire installation. For example, if you have That's Rights! for Rights Sellers and the Invoicing & Payment Follow-up option, you will need to upgrade both to 3.0.

I want to upgrade, but also add another user. What price would that be?

The price for this would be: the upgrade fees (from the schedule above) for all currently licensed modules, plus the fee for an additional user from the normal purchase prices. (If you're not sure, email us at .)

Do I have to upgrade?

No! It's optional. However we will only release updates to version 2.x to correct errors and fix bugs; any new features we develop will be added to version 3.x, where they will be available to version 3 users as free updates.

How can I try version 3 first, without upgrading my installed copy?

Use another PC where That's Rights! is not currently installed, and download the trial copy.

If you still have questions or if you need a special configuration or mix of users not displayed here, please email us at and we'll be happy to provide a quote.

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