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That's Rights! configuration options

Determine which configuration below meets your requirements, then see our prices. If you have special configuration requirements not described here, or if you're not sure what the most effective configuration is for you, email us at .


With a 'standalone' configuration, you use That's Rights! on a single PC. The program and the database both reside on the same computer. If you have installed a trial copy, this is the configuration you are using.

To purchase That's Rights! for use in a standalone configuration, you will need one single-user license for each PC that will have That's Rights! installed.

(Note: if you install That's Rights! standalone on more than one PC, each user will have their own database).


In a networked configuration, two or more users share the same database. Each user has a copy of the software installed on their PC, but there is only one database. The single database may reside on one of the users' PCs, or it may reside on a central server. The users run the software on their own PC, but any stored information is accessed centrally over the network.

To purchase That's Rights! for use in a networked environment, you will need a network license for the number of users that will be using That's Rights!


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