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That's Rights! Agents

A comprehensive software solution for managing literary and rights agencies activities.

  • Database of clients and titles
  • Stores client terms and commission rates. Allows for multiple rates per client, differentiated by type of activity (types of rights, languages, territories, etc.).
  • Generates author or proprietor payment advices, showing full payment details (publisher’s activity less agent’s commission and any other adjustments, taxes on commission VAT on authors payments where applicable, etc.).
  • Database of publishers and contacts
  • Manages submissions to prospective publishers; keeps track of quotes and negotiations.
  • Manages publisher’s license agreements, advances & fees, royalty statements and income; works with multiple currencies and exchange rates.
  • Comprehensive tracking and follow-up of submissions, licenses (signatures, advances paid, renewals, etc.), rights sold, rights available, royalty statements and payments, tax certificates, and much more
  • Imports from / exports to Excel worksheets, csv files or other databases.
  • Generates title information sheets, quick title catalogues, and a wide range of reports.
  • Generates invoices for fees and advances, royalties due,  co-edition purchase orders, etc.
  • Multi-currency: invoices and records payments in any currency. Different exchange rates at time of invoice and of receipt of payment shows gains/losses from currency fluctuations.
  • Interfaces with Microsoft Office (Word & Outlook) to generate mailings, contract documents, etc., with user-defined templates.
That's Rights! Agents features
Trial copy check 30 days, no obligation (download now)
Deployment check Self-installing
Training check On-line training session included with purchase
Support check Email support included with purchase
Pricing check Available via subscription, or perpetual (one-time purchase) licensing.
Data limits check None (unlimited clients, titles, licenses, submissions, etc.)
Platform check Microsoft Windows
Hosted option available check Yes (learn more...)

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