EasyRoyalties is priced by number of titles (multiple formats/ISBNs only count once). Start with the level you need now and add more titles as you grow.

Title count First (full) user per year Additional* users
per user per year
– up to 500 titles £ 1,300 £ 600
– up to 1,000 titles £ 2,100 £ 600
– up to 1,500 titles £ 2,900 £ 600
each 500 titles thereafter £700 n/a


Option: Rights add-on per EasyRoyalties user per year
– up to 100 licences plus £ 500
– up to 200 licences plus £ 700
– unlimited licences See Prices That’s Rights! GBP 

* Up to two discounted additional user subscriptions per first (full) EasyRoyalties user. For higher numbers of users or complex configurations please contacts us.

HOSTED DESKTOP SERVICES See Hosted Desktop Services for more information and prices.

GBP   |   EUR    |   USD

One year minimum commitment for all subscriptions; annual billing.
Short-term licences (e.g. for temporary staff) are available as an add-on to existing licences, for a monthly fee.

One “user” equals one licence. One “client”/”account” equals one or more licences/copies of the software used by employees of the same business entity who share up to one active database. 

Software maintenance Updates, fixes and version upgrades are available for all subscription accounts and are included in the annual subscription fee.

Technical support Free email assistance for installation and activation for 90 days from first-time purchase/sign-up.

Helpdesk E-mail assistance with minor non-client specific issues not covered in the documentation is complimentary and is offered via our helpdesk. Additional services, including, for example, assistance with data auditing & data-specific investigations, setting up document templates, etc. are available for an additional fee, subject to scheduling and availability.

Training Two hours of on-line training per client, to be scheduled within 12 months of first-time purchase/sign-up. Additional training or assistance (e.g. with new staff) is available for a fee, subject to scheduling and availability.

Data migration Data migration services, if required, are available for a fee. Quotes available on request. Subject to scheduling.