RIGHTS 20|20

A powerful solution for managing subsidiary rights and co-editions from managing interests all the way to managing receivables and monitoring royalty revenues.

  • Titles & authors
  • Rights sold, rights available
  • Rights acquisitions
  • Interests & submissions
  • Options & negotiations
  • Royalty licences
  • Co-editions
  • Permissions
  • Invoices & payments
  • Receivables management
  • Royalties-in accounting
  • Payments received
  • Multi-currency
  • Author royalties on rights activities
  • Compliance & licence renewals
  • Alerts
  • Analytics
  • Reports/meeting notes

ROYALTIES (Formerly EasyRoyalties)
A comprehensive approach to automating the calculation and release of your royalties and save you time at every step of the process.

Royalty accounting

A most effective tool to take full control of royalty accounting 

  • Titles & products
  • Authors & beneficiaries
  • Agents
  • Sales
  • Royalty runs
  • Calculation rules
  • Multi-currency
  • Customised statements
  • Distribution by email or
  • Distribution via portal
  • Expenses
  • Analytics and reports
  • Alerts
  • Importing & exporting

The Royalty Portal allows you to provide your beneficiaries (authors & rights holders and their agents) with online access to their royalty accounts. Each beneficiary can go online separately to retrieve royalty statements, download royalty statement data, review the contract terms of their titles, and keep up to date with their publication-related activities. 

  • Upload statements
  • Upload royalty activity data
  • Notify new statement available
  • Monitor statement access
  • Post announcements
  • Inform about events
  • Post awards, reviews, etc.
  • Analytical tools for author (graphs, etc.)
  • Select what information is posted
  • Multi-currency
RIGHTS 20|20


RIGHTS 20|20 Hosted Desktop

A Windows Desktop in the cloud to access from any device and any location. (For more information see Hosted Desktop Service)

That's Rights Rights and royalty software

RIGHTS 20|20 Agents
A flexible tool to take control of the data in a rights or literary agency

  • Clients & authors
  • Titles & manuscripts
  • Rights available
  • Submissions & options
  • Negotiations
  • Publishing agreements
  • Publisher invoicing
  • Foreign & subsidiary rights
  • Co-editions
  • Royalties-in
  • Payments
  • Client invoicing
  • Commission calculation & analysis
  • Multi-currency
  • Customised templates
  • Mailings
  • Alerts
  • Meeting notes
  • Analytics
  • Reports

Specially priced configurations for small/new businesses

That’s4Starts! is an all-in-one package that includes everything you need to get started with managing rights and royalties. The sign-up configuration includes royalties functionalities for up to 200 titles, and rights for up to 100 subsidiary rights licenses. ROL Royalty Portal is available as an optional add-on.


EASY ROL is a full-feature starter’s package for calculating royalties and dispatching royalty statements via ROL Royalty Portal for small publishers at a special price.