Hosted Desktop Service

Our solutions, hosted.

Our Hosted Desktop Service gives you a complete virtual PC in the cloud.

This ‘remote desktop’ can be accessed from any device (PC, Mac, etc.). Access is via the Remote Desktop Access plug-in (included on Windows PCs, and available for free for Macs and other devices).

The remote desktop consists of a complete Windows PC environment, includes That’s Rights! or EasyRoyalties, and also comes with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook).


Advantages of the Hosted Desktop Service

  • Accessible from non-PC platforms (e.g. Macintoshes, etc.)
  • Allows for remote access for users that share a database but are not located in the same local area network (e.g. within an office).
  • In addition to That’s Rights! +EasyRoyalties, the hosted option provides a complete Windows environment that you can use for your computing requirements.
  • System administration, updates, backups and other tasks are managed by the hosting provider.

The service is available on an  annual subscription basis. For more information and prices, contact

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