RIGHTS 20|20 Questions

General Questions

RIGHTS 20|20 (previously That’s Rights! +EasyRoyalties) is a comprehensive publisher’s rights and royalties solution.


RIGHTS 20|20 provides the tools you need to maintain a database of clients & prospects, drive submissions & interests follow-up. and negotiate licence terms and agreements. Features include sophisticated co-edition management with pricing and forecasting.


Rights management features include licensee invoicing and comprehensive accounting of rights revenues and incoming royalties, and the system works with multiple currencies. It also produces business reports for company meetings or trade fairs.


In RIGHTS 20|20, comprehensive royalty accounting features (previously EasyRoyalties) include tools for importing and aggregating sales figures, managing royalty contract terms, defining royalty calculation rules and calculating royalty accounts. It generates royalty statements, sends them to the beneficiary or agent via email, or uploads them to the beneficiary’s account on the Royalty Portal.


RIGHTS 20|20 includes powerful import & export tools to exchange your data with other systems, and data merge functions that integrate with Microsoft™ Word™ and Microsoft™ Outlook™ for generating documents and emails.


The all-inclusive RIGHTS 20|20 package comes with a subscription to ROL Royalty Portal, an on-line, web-based platform for communicating royalty statements and other information to authors and beneficiaries. RIGHTS 20|20 allows you to upload royalty statements and activity data to the ROL Royalty Portal which notifies your authors or agents when new statements are available.


RIGHTS 20|20 for rights managers and RIGHTS 20|20 Agents are available as standalone packages. Τhey manage clients and titles, maintain a database of prospects and publishers, drives submissions follow-up, and provides tools to negotiate licence terms and agreements. They generate invoices and record incoming payments and royalty receipts, and work with multiple currencies. The calculates commission for agents, generate author payment advices and statements, as applicable. It merges your data seamlessly with Microsoft™ Word™ and Microsoft™ Outlook™  to generate documents and emails.


That’s4Starts! and Easy ROL are  configurations specially priced for small and x-small publishers; they have volume restrictions (e.g. a limited number of subsidiary rights licences) albeit with the exact same functionalities with larger configurations.

RIGHTS 20|20 will run on any industry-standard device (desktop or laptop PC as well as Windows Server) that operates under the Microsoft Windows® operating system (Microsoft Windows® 10 or later; see system requirements for details).


RIGHTS 20|20 is also available on a hosted Windows Desktop platform on a subscription basis. Contact us at  for more information.

We offer a remote desktop service, which provides you with your own private Windows “desktop-in-the-cloud”, a virtual PC environment with our applications installed. Find out more.

Yes. Just download the software and run the installation file. No specialized computer skills are necessary to install or operate our solutions. However multi-user iconfigurations on a Windows Server will require installation by an IT manager or a system administrator.

See our prices here, or contact us for more information.

– If the configuration includes royalty accounting (author royalties), the recommended maximum number of royalty users is three: one main user and two additional users per database. The recommended number of rights users in addition to royalty users would be 10-13 pending on the complexity of your data and your hardware & network setup.

– The recommended maximum number of users for ‘Rights only’ or for ‘Agents’ configurations is 12-15 pending on the complexity of your data and your hardware & network setup.

If you are considering any multi-user configuration feel free to contact us with a description of your data and use requirements.

Trial and sign-up


You can request a trial copy  and use the software for a free, 15-day trial period. To continue using it after the 15-day trial period, contact us at sales@thatsrights.com to purchase a subscription.


If your data and requirements are complex, as well as downloading a trial copy, you can schedule an on-line demo and we can help you navigate through the many features of the software and show you those that are the most relevant to your needs. If you plan to use the royalty calculation features of our solutions we strongly encourage you to schedule an on-line demo to make sure the software meets all your royalty accounting requirements.


If you are attending Frankfurt, London or Bologna you can schedule an appointment for a demo during the fair.

Yes. Use the same copy the downloaded file and install it on each computer where you want to evaluate the software.

Uninstall the software and install the trial copy again. You now have another 15 days.

(If you need to recover data from your first trial period, it’s more complicated —contact us at sales@thatsrights.com.)

Email us at sales@thatsrights.com   with the details of your required configuration, and we will send you an invoice. Once your purchase is completed, you will receive your licence credentials to register your product(s). Any data that you entered during the trial period will be saved and you can pick it up again.


Subscriptions in the USA and Canada are sold exclusively via our authorised local distributors and resellers. Please contact us for more information.

Support, training and other services

No special (e.g. on-site) training is required for using our solutions.

All new (first-time) purchases come with a one-off two- hour online introduction to the software (gratis). In some cases, additional training/troubleshooting may be required; it is available for a fee, either per session, or per issue to be addressed if applicable. Purchase of additional training may also be required for new staff or for new data (e.g. acquisition of a new imprint).

Training is provided via online screenshare during UK business hours, and appointments are granted on first-come, first-serve basis.

Data migration and setup services when purchased may come with additional setup/training sessions.

RIGHTS 20|20 ‘Rights’ and RIGHTS 20|20 Agents
Our solutions are equipped with a powerful Import functionality. You can easily import titles, contacts, interests and licences if you have them organised in spreadsheets. In some cases (e.g. large volume of data, complex data, data from different sources etc,) we will need to perform the data migration/setup for you; this service is available for a one-off fee (advance scheduling is required).

RIGHTS 20|20 (Full suite), That’s4Starts!, EasyROL
For complex requirements (complex royalty terms, multiple-author contracts, contracts in different currencies, cross-collateralisation, reserves against returns, etc.), the data migration service is required to ensure the correct setup and to enable ongoing support. Customers with simpler requirements may do the setup in-house. (If you send us samples of your data we will be able to advise, and provide you with a data migration and set-up quote if applicable.)

Free email assistance for setup, registration and installation is available for 90 days from first-time purchase. E-mail assistance with  software questions (non-data-specific) is complimentary and is offered via our Help Desk. A one-off two-hour introduction to the software is offered during the first year of subscription/first sign-up to our solutions. Additional sessions or assistance  are available for a fee (subject to scheduling). More information at Support Summary.

Support services on a subscription basis may be offered by some of our re-sellers for specific products and configurations. Please contact us for details.

Fixes to existing features and new scheduled software features are released periodically and are available free of charge for all subscription plans.

Your requirements may already be in our planned updates —or if they fit with our overall product direction we’ll be glad to consider adding them.

We do not however offer a customisation service or a developer’s licence for our solutions.