Data migration services are available for That’s Rights! and EasyRoyalties.

With our data migration services, we will convert your existing information into a That’s Rights! or EasyRoyalties format, so you can start working with a fully-populated database.

Fees for data migration services depend on the volume and complexity of the data which is to be converted. To quote a fee for data migration we require a description of the data, along with samples.  The data can be provided in any structured electronic format (e.g. Excel spreadsheets, etc.).

Data migration services are subject to scheduling and availability. Migration and testing may take 2-6 weeks after confirmation, pending on the complexity of data. Purchase of at least one annual subscription licence is a prerequisite.

Free on-line training sessions are included with new software subscriptions (See Support Summary).

Additional on-line training is available at £90.00/hour, pending on availability and scheduling.

Data specific on-line sessions (e.g. training of new staff on the customer’s own database and processes) and off-line data auditing, processing or other special requests (merging, special import projects, etc.) are also available for a fee, pending on availability and scheduling; contact us for a quote.