RIGHTS 20|20  is priced by number of titles (multiple formats/ISBNs only count once); ROL Royalty Portal is priced by number of authors/royalty statements. The configurations below all include a full foreign rights module for unlimited submissions and licences.


Title count First (full) user per year Additional* users
per user per year
– Royalty accounting for up to 500 titles; Royalty Portal for up to 200 authors; Unlimited foreign rights £ 2,800 £ 1,000
– Royalty accounting for up to 1,000 titles; Royalty Portal for up to 500 authors; Unlimited foreign rights £ 4,100 £ 1,000
– Royalty accounting for up to 1,500 titles; Royalty Portal for up to 700 authors; Unlimited foreign rights £ 6,400 £ 1,000
– Royalty accounting for each 500 titles + Royalty Portal for each 200 authors thereafter £ 1,300 n/a

* For configurations of more than four users additional discounts apply; please contacts us for more information.

All fees are exclusive of VAT. UK customers are charged VAT@20% on top of listed price.


HOSTED DESKTOP SERVICES See Hosted Desktop Services for more information and prices.

Continuing customers of legacy configurations, please contact us for volume- and/or version-upgrade plans.

One “user” equals one licence. One “client”/”account” equals one or more licences/copies of the software used by employees of the same business entity who share up to one active database.

One year minimum commitment for all subscriptions; annual billing.
Short-term licences (e.g. for temporary staff) are available as an add-on to existing licences, for a monthly fee.



Technical support Free email assistance for software setup, registration and activation for 90 days from first-time purchase.

HelpDesk E-mail assistance with minor non-client specific issues not covered in the documentation is complimentary and is offered via our HelpDesk. Additional services, including, for example, assistance with data auditing & data-specific investigations, setting up document templates, etc. are available for an additional fee, subject to scheduling and availability. Please contact us for more information.

Training A one-off two-hour online introduction to the software per client is available (gratis), to be scheduled within 12 months following the client’s first-time purchase/sign-up. Additional training or assistance, if required (e.g. with new staff, additional users, additional databases/acquired imprints etc.), is available for a fee, subject to scheduling and availability.

Data migration Data migration services, if required, are available for a fee. Quotes available on request. Subject to scheduling.