RIGHTS 20|20'Rights'GBP

RIGHTS 20|20 ‘Rights’ is available on a yearly subscription basis. Customers can select between two configurations: RIGHTS 20|20 for Publishers and packagers and RIGHTS 20|20 for Rights Agents (See features comparison here).

Option 1 Local (Installation on your Windows PCs or Windows Server —Windows operating system only)


1 user
(per year)
2-5  users*
(per user per year) 
RIGHTS 20|20 ((‘Rights’; formerly That’s Rights! for rights sellers) Includes submissions, licences, co-editions and incoming royalty revenues from subsidiary rights. £ 1,050 £ 890

Updates and rolling version upgrades are included in the yearly subscription fee.
*For configurations of more than five users/installations please contact us.


Option 2 Hosted Desktop


Same as Option 1, plus £ 680.00 per user per year.
For more information see Hosted Desktop Service.
All fees are exclusive of VAT. UK customers are charged VAT@20% on top of listed price.

Quoted fees are valid from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025.


One “user” equals one licence. One “client”/”account” equals one or more licences/copies of the software used by employees of the same business entity who share up to one active database.

One year minimum commitment for all subscriptions; annual billing.
Short-term licences (e.g. for temporary staff) are available as an add-on to existing licences, for a monthly fee.



Technical support Free e-mail assistance for software setup, registration and activation is available for 90 days from the onset of the first subscription term.

HelpDesk E-mail assistance with software use (how-to issues) is complimentary and is available via our HelpDesk. Additional services and advanced assistance, including, for example, assistance with data auditing, data investigations, setting up document templates, etc. are available for an additional fee, subject to scheduling and availability. Please contact us for more information.

Training One two-hour complimentary online introduction to the software is available for new customers to be used within the customer’s first annual subscription term and after the data migration is complete.  (Some data migration and setup services include, if required, additional training sessions as part of the service).

Additional training or assistance at a later date, if/when required, (e.g. with new/additional users, changes of staff, new data/acquisition of new imprints etc.) is available for a fee, subject to advance scheduling and availability. 

Data migration Data migration services, if required, are available for a fee. Quotes available on request. Subject to advance scheduling.