RIGHTS 20|20*

Considerations for working remotely



March 2020

Due to the current situation, some users of RIGHTS 20|20, That’s Rights! or EasyRoyalties who normally work in an office environment may wish to work remotely. Please note the following important technical considerations which apply to remote access:

Do not connect to the database over a VPN

In RIGHTS 20|20, That’s Rights! and EasyRoyalties the software and the database are separate. If you have multiple users in your office environment, the software is typically installed separately on each user’s device, and there is a single database file on a shared drive. All the devices and the database are on the same Local Area Network, as required (See System Requirements here

If you wish to access the database from a remote location, do not try to launch the software on a device that you’ve taken with you (e.g. a laptop you have taken home) and then connect to the database over a VPN. While the connection may succeed, there is a significant risk of database corruption and loss of your data. 

Following are some options for working from a remote location.


Option 1 Take the database with you

(Applicable to one-user accounts only) If you have the software installed on a laptop, you can move the database to your laptop as well, and take it with you (if the database is normally located on a shared drive or other similar location in your office network, you can copy/move the database to your laptop). Of course this only works if you are the only user or if, temporarily, no other user needs access to the database during this time. When you return, you can replace the database in its original location.

Note: if you’re already in the remote location but you don’t have the db on your laptop, you can safely copy the db from its normal location to your laptop over a VPN (the VPN is only a problem if you are trying to operate the software on one end with your database on the other end).


Option 2 Control your office PC remotely

If you use a remote-access service such as LogMeIn to connect to your office PC over an internet connection, you can safely launch RIGHTS 20|20, That’s Rights! or EasyRoyalties on the office PC and work normally. In this case, the software is running in the office and is accessing the database locally i.e. in the same Local Area Network —even if you’re ‘controlling’ it via a remote connection. 


Option 3 Set up a terminal server (RDS)

If you have the appropriate infrastructure for setting up a terminal server (or if your office network already has a terminal server in place), you can install RIGHTS 20|20, That’s Rights! or EasyRoyalties in your remote desktop account on the server. When you work remotely, you can safely use the copy of RIGHTS 20|20, That’s Rights! or EasyRoyalties installed on your remote desktop account. In this case, again the software is running on a server located in your office’s local area network, even if you’re connecting to that server remotely. Note: special installation procedures apply for installing RIGHTS 20|20, That’s Rights! or EasyRoyalties in a terminal server environment. Please contact us for instructions.


Option 4 Use our Hosted Desktop Service

If you are currently on a subscription scheme (self-hosted) we can change your subscription to a Hosted Desktop subscription temporarily (minimum 3 months) or permanently. This is a special service that we offer in partnership with Hosted Desktop UK. This is the same technology as the terminal server configuration described above, only running on HDUK’s UK-based servers, rather than on your own server.

The remote desktop provided with this service consists of a complete Windows PC environment, including RIGHTS 20|20, That’s Rights! or EasyRoyalties, as well as Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook). It can be accessed from anywhere via an internet connection, and from any type of device (PC, Mac, etc.). Users who are still on a one-off scheme would need to convert to a subscription scheme. Please feel contact us for more information.

Clients who purchased That’s Rights! or EasyRoyalties prior to 2019 on a one-off scheme may join the subscription scheme any time between now and December 2020 at a discounted annual rate for the first three years.  Please contact us for more information.


*Information is also applicable to the legacy versions of That’s Rights!, EasyRoyalties and That’s Rights Agents